About Rockstar

The Rockstar Group is the UK’s Number 1 mentoring organisation for business owners. Since its establishment in 2007, our mission has been to help businesses at the SME level, Established and Start Up level, fast track their sales and profit growth by providing experienced and successful mentors on a one to one, face to face basis.

Jonathan Pfahl is the owner and Managing Director of the Rockstar Group of Companies. Originally from Sydney Australia, Jonathan has spent his entire business career setting up companies and investing in both shares and property.

After completing an Applied Economics degree at the University of Sydney, majoring in finance, economics and applied economics, he began his career as a professional investor.

His investment career began at Goldman Sachs Australia where he worked there as an investment adviser for four years. He enjoyed his time thoroughly there and still believes; “it was a fantastic start to my investment career, I learnt a lot from the senior advisers in my team about what makes a quality company and therefore a quality investment. I’ll always be grateful for the time those guys spent with me when I started out” Jonathan says.

Jonathan moved to London in January 2005 and began work on his newest company group, Rockstar. He says, “When I first arrived in London, I absolutely fell in love with the city. I found there were so many switched on, like minded entreprenuers. I couldn’t wait to get started!”

His first company was a share trading business which involved spreadbetting the US markets as well as teaching other people how to do so, as a consultant. “The share markets have always been a part of my life since I was a kid as my old man has been investing professionally in markets since I can remember. I owe a lot to him for his guidance and mentoring over the years.” Jonathan says.

He was then introduced to property investing in the UK and instantly saw an opportunity. “What I love about property over share trading is the ‘”;people’ aspect of it. Unlike trading where you simply look at a screen all day, I love the negotiations, I love being able to find a common ground with the seller then putting together a deal that benefits us both.” However before venturing out into the streets and buying property, Jonathan found a property mentor. “I happily invested nearly £10,000 to spend 2 days in the field with someone I knew I could learn alot from in a short period of time, a chap who had built a portfolio worth more than £40 million! Some people may see that as a lot of money, as an investor you can never focus on cost, you have to focus on return. We did a deal on day 1 that made me £30,000 back in 3 months and cashflowed three figures a month. Not a bad investment!” Jonathan still invests heavily in both property and shares but as opposed to just holding on and hoping they will increase over time, he produces strong monthly cashflow from both assets through houses of multiple occupation (HMO) and writing covered calls over his shares.

In every business Jonathan has ever built, he has always sought out a mentor to show him how to do it properly. “To me, it just makes so much sense”, Jonathan says. “Why go into something new, with no experience, (like a new business venture) with such a small chance of success, where you can have someone hold your hand through the process and show you how to do so successfully. I have had a mentor in every new venture I ever got involved in. It worked for me, so I then wanted to put something together that would allow others to do the same.”

Constantly being in an environment of like-minded entrepreneurs and people who want to become entrepreneurs, Jonathan realised very swiftly that there are so many switched on, like minded entrepreneurs in this country, who have fantastic business ideas, but simply lack the experience and support to turn their business dreams into reality. “That is essentially what Rockstar is all about. My aim is to show anyone with a business idea or with a small business which they are looking to grow that it IS possible! You just need the right support to make it happen.”

The Rockstar Group offers affordable mentoring for entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their business. Through a combination of one to one mentoring, promotion of your products and services to key customers and access to private funding, the team at Rockstar are dedicated to seeing their members businesses succeed.

When asked why he called the companies Rockstar, he admits honestly, “It originally came about because I am passionate about music and always have been. I was the lead singer of a rock band (whilst I was working at Goldmans) and thought it was a word that I could turn into a reputable brand and so far so good. I also like to think that we help our members become the stars of their industries.”

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